Monday, October 02, 2006

The fire place is warm.
Everyone is warm.
We type steadily with missing a beat on our laptops.
Our precious laptops.

I dont have a laptop anymore.
That kinda makes me sad.

Ive taken up soymilk
and its absolutely lovely.
I never drink milk, but this
kind is truely something special.

You know what Ive noticed about myself?
Im a copycat.
Whatever book it is that Im reading,
I start to write like the author.
Its almost automatic.
Sometimes I feel so unoriginal.
I guess thats not so horrible though.
No one is "original"...whatever that means.


Wehttam said...

Soy Milk, eh? Isnt i more like soy "juice." ;);)

Wehttam said...

Soy Milk, eh? Isnt it more like Soy 'juice'? ;);)