Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gross. I shall never speak of this again!

Today my german teacher was wearing the most horrible shirt. It was a striped dress shirt. Thick and thin gray, black, red, and white stripes. I was so appalled, yet, I couldnt look away.

I dont know, maybe its grotesque for me to say this, but, all I wanted to do was jump his bones. He's such a good teacher. So well spoken, elegant and gray.

And his accent.

Hes got a 5 o'clock shadow, which I find so manly. Underneath the shadow I see a hint of a few dimples. Its confusing in a way and I am nothing short of infactuated.

I wonder how old he is. Probably 45. Maybe 42...43.

Is he married? I bet he is. He doesnt seem the type though. I wonder what his chest looks like. I feel kinda weird now. I mean, I dont think about sex with him or anything, which is relieving.
The first two buttons of his shirt are undone and I can see he has a white T-shirt underneath his ungly dress shirt. I sort of wish he would only wear only that. Hmmmm

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