Thursday, July 31, 2008

Im no Palooza, Im goin' to Lolla

After lots of scrambling and begging, Ive finally come up with the money to go to Lollopalooza this year. I cant believe it:) I didnt think it would happen--Ive been trying to win tickets from WGNRadio for about 3 weeks now to no avail. I aslo wrote to every online community that was giving them out but no one ever answered me back. After I exhausted every attempt I thought I had I called my aunt and told her I would babysitt for the money. She was too excited when I told her this and right away I knew that she would abuse the opportunity (shes a classic slickster). However, I sucked it up and prepared myself for a late summer filled with The Wiggles, Barney, a two year old with the vocabulary of 1 billion words. On the bright side--I get to see RADIOHEAD!! "Huh?" you may be be asking yourself. Hell yea, Radiohead! I never thought they would tour again. The hope of it didnt even arise when I heard they were coming out with a new album In Rainbows. I figured it was just a long overdue release. I feel like this is fate or something. I cant even explain why I think so, its almost 4am and I cant even get my thoughts straight. Im just so psyched (big sigh). Ok, so heres a video. Enjoy and love Radiohead.

Let Down-Radiohead (good song)

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