Thursday, April 23, 2009

What can I say?

Im the happiest I've been in years! For the longest time I though depression was a normal way of life: it comes for months- then goes. And maybe for a college kid on academic probation this is true, but I didnt have to be. For reasons that i will not get into, I was in a very unhealthy environment with a very dear friend. We both suffered from depression; she more so than I. Whenever one of us got depressed, a spirit seemed to fill in our room and things got tense... and hard. It was was a struggle just to make it through the day. It happened all school year, for 3 years: the on and off depression. Now Im a senior, in my own room, and like I said at the beginning, Im the happiest Ive ever been. I thank God everyday that Im not in that situation anymore. I have piece of mind and control over the things that I allow into my spirit.

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Anonymous said...

I never knew you were so unhappy. I felt sad when I thought that just not living with me cured it :(