Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dating an Aspie...should be interesting.

From now Im throwing my entire soul into this relationship. No more holding back.

This is a snapshot of what a friendship with a person with Aspergers Syndrome can be like by Carmen, a woman with AS.

Are you dating someone with Aspergers? People with Aspergers Syndrome (AS) range from mildly quirky to what you may call weird. And this can pose challenges for someone who is neurotypical or at least not on the autism spectrum. Some people call the neurological wiring of a person with Aspergers different while others consider it a deficit.

People with AS think in fundamentally different ways from neurotypicals. Some of these differences can be challenges to developing a love relationship and some of these characteristics can strengthen the relationship.There are several characteristics that are typical of people with AS such they may lack in social skills, physical awkwardness, and unusual interests.

Moreover, dating someone with Aspergers are likely to not take hints well because their brains are blind to this form of communication. They need to be told directly what you want them to do because they will never guess. Something else you should know is that they are also very honest people whereas you rarely won't get any lies from them because of their honesty.

If you want compliments all the time, don't date a person on the autistic spectrum. But if you want honesty at the foundation of your relationship then people with AS are good candidates.
Awkward physical coordination causes a person to look, to move, and to walk differently from other people. Since "normal" people avoid "different" people, those with AS are often shunned if they are not being bullied. They may feel lonely and yet not know how to overcome social barriers to friendships and love relationships.

When you begin to interact with people who have AS, you may find yourself struggling to deal with their social difficulties. But if you stick with it and work on understanding how they put together the world in their minds, and encourage them to try to understand how you put together the world in your mind, you will develop a set of loyal friends and even romance.

Gathering knowledge is deeply satisfying to a person with AS and sharing it is also a lot of fun. Another, a disadvantage to dating someone with Aspergers is that you may end up learning more than you ever wanted to know about that person's interests. Yet if you are intellectually curious, you will never become bored hanging out with a person who has AS.

If you want someone who is a little different but honest, loyal, and smart, then as one with AS would say, welcome to our world. You can have a wonderful experience dating someone with Aspergers.


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