Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Softer World

With my own hands trembling.
I wipe the sweat from her brown.
You dont even know how alike we are darling.
You feel alone.

Ode to Ashley.

I love you, my lost little bear.
One day you and I will be sure of ourselves.
And we will frolic, merrily, happily, shamelessly.

Did you ever feel like you were perfect on the outside?
And had wonderful ideas and a crafty mind?
But for some reason they could never manifest themselves?
I fee like that Ashely.
Do you share that with me?

You may feel abandoned, but I am always with you.
I am you. And i feel for you, and I know your pain.

Sweet Ashley, who am I trying to convince?
What do I want?
I dont know what to just get out of this country, but this world.
Give me a softer world.
One with padding on its edges.
Because I cant fall again and hurt myself.


James Tubman said...

you got a lot going in that mind of yours don't you

i use to talk to wwf champion dolls, hulk hogan, randy "macho man" savage

but then i grew up i guess

check me out at


Wry Beauty said...

i REALLY like this...i think we've all been there. my mom used to always say, "Even roses can be grown from concrete." i think that fits pretty well.