Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Im enrolled in Art 102 in order to complete my art minor at NIU. We're working with Photoshop a hell of a lot which I am not very familiar with. So far we have done 3 projects. Im just now finishig up my 4th one and this Thursday I turn it in. I need an "A" in this class, but so far my grades have been all across the board; a "B" on the first, "A" on the second and then a "C" on the third (sadly). So as you see, I need to get an "A" overall. Im posting them. What d'ya think?

For this project I had to creat post cards that represent my school(NIU) and town (DeKlab).
I got an "A". I was trying to be funny. Dekalb is known for its corn and terrible water, so I thought to play with that a little bit.

For this one here I had to show contrast between life and death. For example Tomatoe- Ketchup bottle or Snowman- wet spot. I procratinated on this project. We had 3 weeks to do it and I ended up doing it the day before it was due :(

He could tell it was half ass and gave me what I deserved: a big fat "C". If you cant already tell, mine depicts the death of a forest for toilet paper. CLEVER....not!

For this one I have to mix text with images. Pick a letter and things that begin with it and play around. I picked "O". O is for: Obama, Owl, Orange, Ocean, Ornatment and Orchid. Im not very satisfied but this the best I can do with my limited skills.

Ok, thats it for now. Ill tell you what grade I got on this last one here.

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Ambrosiality said...


the corn one was definitely my fav! we have a Dekalb county over here in GA.